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Lovely Lolisa
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Love Lolisa

Get to know Lolisa!

 One of my main goals for creating my own website was to educate you on the importance and the truth about HIV/AIDS. I really hope that you had the chance to learn at least one thing. Im a very open person so please feel free to contact me with any questions and or comments you may have.
Here is my biography and I hope this allows you to know a little more about me and why I fight this fight.

Growing up in the small city of Claymont Delaware, Lolisa Gibson loved to go to church, write poetry, and spend time with her friends doing normal things that girls did. With two younger brothers she also took on a little more respondsibilities then most children her age.

   After getting sick and finding out at the age of seventeen that she was HIV positive, Lolisa embraced this news as she had embraced so many other things that most people might have seen as unbearable obstacles.  Once she took the lead to fully educate herself about the virus she previously knew and cared nothing about, Lolisa aimed to not only educate her family and friends about its importance, she wanted to educate everyone she laid eyes on.

  Once she got to a level of comfort in feeling like she had done a great deed by helping people in her hometown who were both HIV positive and negative, Lolisa began to travel not only the country but also the world to share her story. Now close to a decade after her diagnosis, Lolisa resides in Brooklyn NY. Lolisa has made many public appearances and has been featured in articles for magazines such as POZ, POZ Focus, and FADER. She has also spoke on TV shows such as CBS Early Show and MTV NEWS.

 Lolisa is currently engaged with hopes of being married soon. She and her fianc love to include their beautiful son in the world of sending awareness. Together they have took part in National Campaigns such as Greater Than AIDS and Gilead’s Catalyst Campaign, with hopes of inspiring others to share awareness as well.

 On June 27 2011 Lolisa’s Memoir titled The Way I See It will be released. Her goal is to inspire people who may be facing any type of trying times in life and let them know that anything is possible. Her book not only talks about how she let HIV live with her, it talks about things she has had to overcome that are way bigger to her then HIV. Lolisa’s story is one of strength and courage as for a young woman, you would never be able to look past her smile and tell all of the things she has dealt with.

Though Lolisa has done more in her twenty-four years of life then some people twice her age, she has no plans of stopping. Lolisa feels that education is key in anything and strongly believes that by helping educate others about the importance of HIV/AIDS that it will in deed one day come to an end.


You can never look at someone and tell if they have HIV. Its very important to GET TESTED! Always ask questions to the person you are having sex with.
If you know someone who has HIV/AIDS, dont stop loving them, and dont judge them. People who are HIV positive are the same as people who are HIV negative, we just have a little more responsibility.
If you are living with HIV/AIDS remember life is far from over. You can still live a happy and productive life!
I ask you all to just stay educated and if you could take one thing that you may have learned from visiting this website and share it with one person you know, you will be helping me educate about this virus.
Remember, "The end starts with the things we do today."
                                                                -Lolisa Gibson


The 4 bodily fluids that carry HIV

~ You have to come in contact with a person that is HIV positive and one of these fluids have to enter into your blood stream for you to get infected~




      Vaginal Fluids

      Breast Milk




Ways that HIV is transmitted


      Blood to Blood contact

      Anal sex

      Vaginal sex

      Oral sex


Get Tested!


      There is no way to tell if a person is HIV positive.

      If you are taking part in risky behaviors use protection at all times.





HIV Prevention!

            Use protection

      Ask questions


      Get tested~ Getting tested will not prevent you from getting HIV, it allows you to know your status